Novoletni PorezenTriglav National Park (TNP) is the only National Park and also the largest protected area in Slovenia. It was named after Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain (2.864 m). The TNP extends along the Italian border and close to the Austrian border in the north-western part of Slovenia. Its territory occupies almost the entire area of the Slovenian part of the Eastern Julian Alps. It covers an area of almost 840 square kilometres or nearly 4 % of the Slovenian country. The TNP is one of the earliest European parks; the first protection dates back to 1924 when the Alpine Conservation Park was founded.
The Park’s landscape is characterized by glacier-shaped valleys, mountain plateaus and steep mountain ridges above the tree line. It is a typical mixture between unspoiled nature areas and cultural landscape.

The TNP is one of the five project pilot areas. In order to strengthen the conservation of Alpine nature, the most significant results of previous and running projects (e.g. within the Alpine Space Programme will be examined in the TNP, including ecosystem services as the key element of the project. For TNP participation within the project also presents an opportunity to contribute actively to a process of creating and adapting conservation policies at regional, national and common EU levels.

Report of site visit to the pilot area

Leaflet of the pilot areas (english, italiano, slovenscina)

Stakeholder Workshop: Ecological connectivity – challenges in cross-border cooperation in Bohinj/SI, 26/05/2014