Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology – FIWI

Nov 26, 2013

The central purpose of the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology (FIWI) of the Vetmeduni Vienna, is to study the needs and behaviour of wild animals in ecological contexts to establish the scientific basis for efficient nature-,  species,- and environment conservation, and for sustainable use of multi-functional landscapes. Scientists from various disciplines (e.g. biology, veterinary science and genetics) collaborate on long-term, inter-disciplinary and international research at different levels: individual, population, ecosystem and landscape.

As partner of the project FIWI is in charge of capitalization and integration of the results of prior EU Alpine Space projects (Work Package 5).  This includes the identification of relevant EU level policies, programmes and findings that impact ecosystem services and land use planning, mapping of important stakeholders and key actors, and the development of policy options.  It will also organize workshops and other activities to disseminate the project´s findings.


Chris Walzer, phone: 0043 1 489091 5180, Email: chris.walzer[at]
Karin Svadlenak-Gomez, phone: 0043 1 489 0915 104, Email: karin.svadlenak-gomez[at]