Site visits to pilot areas took place

Nov 30, 2013

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Work package 4 aims, amongst others, in analysing and identifying the institutional needs, the ecosystem services (ESS) and the status of good governance processes for a stronger implementation of the project results of ECONNECT and Relevant results from other Alpine Space and additional ETC projects (including those from other cooperation spaces) in the field of resource efficiency and ecosystem management will be considered to create possible synergies.

Direct interviews with the responsible person of each pilot area of greenAlps took place in the frame of site visits in each park. The following topics/questions were raised:

•    How is the management of the park and the legal structure organised?
•    How is the funding of the park organised?
•    Which are the main achievements from ECONNECT, and other (EU-) projects?
•    What are the transnational needs in the respective pilot area considering institutional frameworks and interfaces between ecological connectivity and selected ecosystem services?
•    Analysis of gaps in conservation policies important for the integration of selected ecosystem services in the pilot areas inclusive qualitative contribution to the JECAMI tool (developed within ECONNECT).

The following site visits have been implemented by the work package leader team of EURAC and the respective outcomes are available for download:

  • NPK_logo 4c_gr21-22 October 2013 t Kalkalpen National Park/Gesäuse National Park (Austria)
    > Find the report here.
  • 04-05 November 2013 to Nationalpark Berchtesgaden (Germany)NP-Logo - schwarze Schrift
    > Find the report here.
  •  Triglav_Logo18-19 November 2013 to Triglav National Park (Slovenia)
    > Find the report here.
  • 20-21 November 2013 to Julian Prealps Nature Park (Italy)
    131107_Logo_PNPG_con_bordo> Find the report here.



A next step within the tasks of WP4 will be the implementation of stakeholder workshops on governance processes in order to foster regional co-operation and to improve perception and implementation of ecological connectivity.
News and outcomes of these workshops will soon be published here.