The Alpine Network of Protected Areas – ALPARC

Nov 26, 2013

The Alpine Network of Protected Areas was established in 1995 by France as a contribution to the implementation of the Alpine Convention. The headquarters of ALPARC is situated in Chambéry/F.

ALPARC is an associated network federation of Alpine protected areas.
The objective of the Alpine Network is the exchange of knowledge and know-how and the harmonisation of management methods between the managers of protected areas in the Alps. To do this, international events, study tours and staff exchange programmes are organised, and joint projects are offered for the across-the-board harmonisation of the management methods of natural areas.

ALPARC works on three main fields:
First, the conservation of biodiversity and the establishment of an ecological network in the Alps and in particular between protected areas. The second area of work consists in the promotion of sustainable development in protected area regions. Specific programmes are launched to involve the local population in specific issues of local and innovative development. The third area of work concerns communication to the general public and environmental awareness raising, especially through environmental education programmes for children.

As lead partner of the project ALPARC is in charge of substantive guidance concerning the various inputs and activities, overall project management, co-ordination and facilitation of collaborative processes, monitoring, and reporting. As the subject of biodiversity and ecological connectivity figures among the three main working subjects of ALPARC, it also contributes actively to the project activities, in particular to WP4 and WP5. The pilot areas of the project are structured around Alpine protected areas, which are members of ALPARC.  The lead partner  therefore strongly supports and follows all activities in the pilot areas with particular interest. ALPARC is supported in project management functions by the company blue! advancing european projects.

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